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Humans in some areas lagged behind. This was particularly true on some islands of Indonesia. At Ngandong on Java, for instance, Homo erectus may have survived to 53,000 years ago or even somewhat later. Important Homo erectus Sites. Note: It is likely that Homo erectus reached Java and other Indonesian islands during glacial periods when sea levels were low enough to create a land connection with the Southeast Asian mainland. Homo erectus Anatomy. Below the neck, Homo erectus were anatomically much like modern humans. Their arm and leg bones were essentially the same as modern people in shape and relative proportions. This strongly supports the view that they were equal to us in their ability cialis viagra combination usage of water walk and run bipedally.

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National Waterfront Museum ‚ The National Waterfront Museum, Swansea or NWMS is a museum in Swansea, Wales, forming part of Amgueddfa Cymru ‚ National Museum Wales. It is an Anchor Point of ERIH, The European Route of Industrial Heritage, the ¬33.

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11 PRIMEVAL Nine 705,000 181,000 214,000 138,000 72,000 100,000. 15 SATURDAY AFTERNOON AFL Ten 619,000 66,000 253,000 69,000 89,000 143,000. 18 SATURDAY NIGHT AFL Ten 526,000 287,000 62,000 93,000 84,000.]