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The stockholders may not sell, transfer, pledge or otherwise dispose of the common shares of the company bafkingside the barkinngside of either an effective registration statement covering said shares under the 1933 Act and relevant state securities laws, or an opinion of counsel that registration is not required under the Act or under the securities laws of any such state. Note H ureum creme bijsluiter viagra Convertible Debentures. The Company issued convertible debentures during 1999 having an aggregate principal balance of 1,252,000. These debentures are unsecured obligations of the Company that mature during the next twelve months and bear interest at an annualized rate of 9.

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In September 1998 the Company sold shares of its common stock to the persons, in the amounts, and for the consideration set forth below: In September 1998 the Company issued 6,000,000 shares of its common stock in consideration for all of issued and outstanding shares of LAM Pharmaceuticals LLC, a Florida limited liability company. See Part I, Item 1 of this registration statement.

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I've been living in Des Moines and working at Integer for a few weeks now. I haven't written about my initial impressions, nor much of anything else here, mostly because I still don't have internet access at home.]