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" Politicians at work: What a swot. If it's good enough for our year 12 economics students, it's good enough for the Treasurer himself. At a breakfast address yesterday, Peter Costello (after cracking his fair share of bad uk viagra video told attendees he completed the HSC economics exam annually. A teacher from his son's former school, Carey Hasuo herbal viagra, sends our national bean counter the exam and he returns it promptly for marking. Let's hope he adheres to the time limitations and doesn't go pulling out any cheat notes. His best score one year was 90 per cent when he blitzed the multiple choice questions, but stumbled on the essay question. Worth 20 marks the question was: "Give two arguments for the GST and two against. " Mr Costello addressed only half of the question: He said there were no arguments against his beloved tax. "And got 10 out of 20 - I don't know what went wrong there," he said.

Seven News wins.

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Aging and Cancer (October 21, 2003) Charlotte Benkner is now the nation's oldest person and the world's third-oldest, according to a research group.]